Get Involved

Not everyone wants to get involved in the same way. On this page we present different ways that you can help ASPIR serve Refugees, Resettled Refugees, Internal displaced persons, and returnees:
Corporate Donations

Corporate donations of new and used goods is a major source of support for ASPIR programs. We have received donations of Sporting Goods, Clothing, Footwear and Computers. If your company or organization has sporting equipment, clothing or used functional computers, we can assist you in arranging a donation to ASPIR programs. Contact the ASPIR USA office for more information. 


Shipping Assistance

ASPIR receives donations of clothing, computers, athletic footwear and other materials from individuals and companies in the USA. We consolidate these donations and arrange for shipment to our service areas in Guinea and Sierra Leone.
Ocean shipment and ground trucking are very expensive, monetary donations toward shipping are greatly appreciated. We are also actively seeking sponsors in the freight and shipping industry to underwrite freight costs.
Contact ASPIR USA for information on how you can help us bring valuable assistance to under served communities.

Women Carrying Coal
Do your part to help lighten the load
Monetary Donations

Construction of Community Centers, Organizing Sporting and Cultural Events require financial support to obtain construction materials, organize transportation and provide facilities for events. Your donations will directly serve individual communities. Please mail your check to:

      ASPIR International
      Attn: F. Noel Sagna, Executive Director
      3 Molly Stark Lane
      New Boston, NH 03070

Any amount is appreciated, please mail your donations to the above address. We will be pleased to honor your requests to sponsor specific programs. Please note that at this time your donations are not tax deductible.

Link Your School or Organization

ASPIR links primary and secondary schools in the United States with communities and schools in our service areas. This encourages cross-cultural interaction and promotes global peace and integration. Contact us for information on how your school or organization can get involved! 

Volunteer Your Time

ASPIR organizes periodic trips to Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Senegal. We would be pleased to speak with you about volunteering your time on one of these trips. Contact the ASPIR USA office for information.