Goals and Vision


Within the United States ASPIR provides a range of assistance aimed at helping new African refugees resettled in New Hampshire to adjust and acquire the skills to become self-sufficient. Advocate and support ending homelessness.

Internationally, ASPIR provides direct support and programs to the refugee and returnee West African communities in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia through the development of community activity centers and the organization of sporting events, concerts, trade fairs and recreational events. Also, ASPIR rehabilitates health care, strengthens the capacity of local organizations and supports civil society and good-governance initiatives.

ASPIR empowers our unemployed and underemployed community members. To provide the support services, assistance with barrier removal, job coaching and life skill workshops that will uplift and bring them to a level of success. 

ASPIR provides direct support and programs to the refugees, returnees, and internal displaced communities in Casamance, Senegal in West Africa to grow, harvest, store and their product. Also, ASPIR seeks to create jobs through processing the local products that get spoiled due to the lack of material of transformation and develop new field of making income.

ASPIR promotes the value of learning and educates the community on health issues such as HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health Literacy.

ASPIR Vision in 

New Boston, New Hampshire

  • To provide the support that youth need in order to participate in organized and supervised sports, music, cultural dance and drama, and arts and crafts activities that the town is unable to provide due to lack of resources. 
  • To encourage the various talents and interests of youth through participation in the above stated activities. 
  • To provide a Community Youth Center for the purpose of recreational and educational activities to offer the youth a chance to learn about cooperation and team spirit, civic engagement as well as to provide a release from the stress of daily life; especially in these hard economic times. 
  • To strengthen link among surrounding towns.
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