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Activities 2011

posted May 17, 2012, 7:52 PM by Aspir International   [ updated Sep 18, 2012, 12:05 PM ]

Case management for High risk youth and family social issues.

Continuing to follow up with one homeless teenager we placed in a group home.  Since he could not find a job they kick him out the group home.  He is couch surfing around until we find a better and more permanent solution for him. He is ready for Community College. We are seeking scholarship assistance for him.

Attending the Non Profit Organizations and Government agencies monthly meeting at PAL Manchester for solving and set plans to improve the refugees issues.

In collaboration with NHCC New Hampshire Catholic Charities ASPIR applied for the Manchester CIP grant to implement a three years art music youth activities; but the funds were not enough to cover the cost we did not agree to use the grant.

Assisting a senior citizen couple from Rwanda in their filing for travel document, medical and housing issues.

Provided financial assistance to the Sierra Leone chapter to rent land and grow rice and other crops.  

Connect refugees with lawyers for legal issues.

Youth Festival canceled in New Boston due to the lack volunteers.

Worked assisting the homeless population in Manchester NH. 

Continuing to Advocate for better education and treatment for ELL students.

Activites 2008

posted May 13, 2012, 12:50 PM by Aspir International   [ updated Jul 17, 2012, 4:31 PM ]

Coordinated community service for court diversion program clients in Hillsboro, NH; evaluated the court diversion effectiveness in NH for 2 years.

Selected as Court Appointed Special Advocate for children (CASA)  Meetings with NGOs to tackle refugee’s issues.

Support activities in Sierra Leone such as RHL HIV/AIDS. 

ASPIR participate in Nashua City council meetings to improve resettle refugees life.

10 computers donated to families.

300lbs uses clothes from Well school Peterborough NH.

Activities 2007

posted May 13, 2012, 12:48 PM by Aspir International

Case management, assisting 5 refugee families with their daily life.

Educated numerous students and teachers on West African culture in different Schools such as: John Stark High School NH, Goffstown High School NH, The Well, Peterborough NH, 

Introduced and donated used recycled computers to low income families to empower their children. 2007-2010

125 Footwear donations to Resettled Sudanese refugee organization In Maine for their soccer activities.

Used winter/summer clothes, bicycles, HIV/AIDS Training for refugees in Nashua Manchester.

 230 Footwear donations to Resettled refugees organization In Maine for soccer activities.

Used 3 computers/printers, TV, microwave, kitchen materiel to Burundian and Sudanese resettled refugees Manchester and Maine.

Participation in forum at UNH Manchester to solve refugee issues.

Prepare awareness lead brochure for Manchester Health Department on refugees.

Meetings with NGOs to tackle refugee’s issues.

Support activities in Sierra Leone such as RHL HIV/AIDS.

Activities 2006

posted May 13, 2012, 12:46 PM by Aspir International

450 Footwear donations to Resettled refugees organization In Manchester and Massachusetts for soccer activities.

Meetings with NGOs to tackle refugee’s issues.

Support activities in Sierra Leone such as RHL HIV/AIDS.

Educated numerous students and teachers on West African culture in different Schools such as: John Stark High School NH, Goffstown High School NH, and the Hillsboro Town library cultural program.

Introduced and donated used recycled computers to 4 low income families to empower their children.

Activities 2005

posted May 13, 2012, 12:43 PM by Aspir International


After securing program funding the Director and Program Manager of APSIR handed over the reins of the ASIPR Sierra Leone program to the National staff in March 2005.   2005 proved to be an exciting program year for ASPIR in Sierra Leone.  ASPIR was awarded funding by the Sierra Leone National AIDS Secretariat (NAS), who receives direct funding from the World Bank, to implement two 6-month sessions of a Reproductive Health Literacy (RHL) Program.  The RHL program kicked off in the war torn diamond mining town of Kono in the North Eastern Province of Sierra Leone.  The two 6-month sessions employ 5 teachers, 2 supervisors, and 1 program coordinator. The teachers and supervisors teach reproductive health knowledge and literacy skills to a total of 1,200 male and female students between the ages of 15 and 55. Classes meet for two hours twice a week for 6 months.  Students are categorized into beginner level literacy and intermediate level literacy.  The teachers and supervisors were trained in RHL by the APSIR Program Manager and worked with the program as refugees in Guinea.  The first session of the RHL program began in May of 2005 and ended in October 2005.  The second session of the program forged ahead in December 2005 despite the delay in NAS funding.   

In June 2005 course materials for the ASPIR RHL program were revised by the ASPIR Program Manager before printing and implementation of the program.  ASPIR also revised RHL curriculum for implementation of the RHL program with in the Sierra Leonean HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention Program in July 2005.  ASPIR RHL teachers in conjunction with the ASPIR Program Manager trained teachers for the Sierra Leonean Military RHL program for two weeks in July 2005.  

ASPIR Director and Program Manager began meeting with Lutheran Social Services based in New Hampshire in the winter of 2005 to investigate possible intervention activities with relocated African refugees with in New Hampshire.  So far no commitments have been made but discussion has continued to be open.  

ASPIR head quarters in New Hampshire collected and donated five bags of used clothing, (primarily winter clothes), to relocated African refugees throughout New Hampshire via African Information Center.  

Activities 2004

posted May 13, 2012, 12:41 PM by Aspir International

In 2004 the ASPIR program in Sierra Leone signed a contract with the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat of Sierra Leone to implement a Reproductive Health Literacy program.  The program is an adult literacy course for men and women aged 15 to 55 that improves literacy skills through reproductive health curriculum.  The reproductive health curriculum was revised by ASPIR to specifically focus on HIV/AIDS information.  The course will be implemented in Koidu town in the Kono district of Sierra Leone as soon as NAS releases the funds.   

In addition, ASPIR was awarded Food for Work by the World Food Program for volunteer workers to clear brush for playing fields.  ASPIR’s playing fields are located next to the Community Center constructed by ASPIR.

ASPIR has also spent 2004 identifying a shipping company willing to ship to Sierra Leone the 3,000 pairs of NIKE athletic shoes donated to ASPIR.  In 2005 the shoes still have not been shipped due to valid concerns about Sierra Leonean customs being unable to ensure that all the shoes are delivered to their rightful beneficiaries.  ASPIR is thus investigating options of donating the shoes to relocated refugee and state national beneficiaries with in New Hampshire. 

Activities 2003:

posted May 13, 2012, 12:40 PM by Aspir International

In 2003 was the construction of a Community Center in Kailahun town – Kailahun District, Sierra Leone.  The funding for the construction was provided by UNAMSIL/DDR.  One of the main activities in 2004 was ASPIR seeking additional funding for remaining labor to clear the center’s playing fields and for center materials such as sports equipment and extra library books.  On October 10th, 2003 ASPIR Kailahun members organized a meeting with the Kailahun District Youths to discuss the youths’ participation in the remaining labor to clear the center’s playing fields.  The Kailahun District Youths requested LE 3, 500,000 as payment for their labor to clear the remaining areas of the playing fields.  ASPIR was unable at that point in time to provide the requested payment for labor, therefore, ASPIR members and other interested members of Kailahun community are provided their labor in 2004 to clear the playing fields a little at a time.

 ASPIR signed a contract with CRS/SL (Catholic Relief Services of Sierra Leone) to be its partner for psych-social activities from August 2003 through January 2004 in Largo Refugee Camp in the Kenema region of Sierra Leone.

Activities 2000 - 2002

posted May 13, 2012, 12:38 PM by Aspir International

Due to the December 6, 2000 attack, and continued fighting in early 2001 in Gueckedou, Guinea, many ASPIR volunteers fled back to Sierra Leone.  As a result,  ASPIR was introduced by returned ASPIR volunteers residing in Lumpah Camp in the Waterloo district of Sierra Leone.  On funds and resources provided by ASPIR the director and program manager and with the volunteer work of 10 members, activities began in October 2002 and were phased out by August 2002 due to the resettlement of camp residents.  During this time period ASPIR engaged Lumpah Camp, Grafton, Hastings, Waterloo Camp, Tombo Village, Benguimah village (Samuel Town), Waterloo Town, Lumpah Town, Newton Village, and the quarters of Brooksfields, Kingtom and Lumley in sport and cultural activities promoting reconciliation, reintegration, and a renewed sense of community.  When the Lumpah Camp population was relocated ASPIR began to concentrate its efforts on the areas of Kailahun town, Koidu, town, and Makeni towns.  These areas were chosen since the majority of ASPIR members originate and have resettled in these areas.  Also, the remaining Sierra Leonean refugee population from the Kissidougou Refugee Camps is also predominately from these areas and thus know and have confidence in the ASPIR program.     

Currently in Sierra  Leone, ASPIR volunteers organize and implement psycho-social activities in Koidu town, Kailahun town and Makeni town. 

Assessed the refugees situation in Casamance, Senegal West Africa. 

Activities 2010

posted May 1, 2012, 10:23 AM by Aspir International

Provided mentoring services to the New Hampshire  for their high risk youth program in Concord and Manchester.

Provided liaison services for the New Hampshire Catholic Charity immigration department to obtain legal documents overseas for their resettled refugee clients.

Participated in numerous committees to develop policies to improve refugee/immigrant life such as:

Gate City Health and Wellness Immigrant Integration Initiative of Nashua - the Manchester Task Force on Immigrant and Refugee Integration - Officer Michael Briggs Police Athletic League Beech Street and Lake Avenue - and the NH Office of Refugee Resettlement School Impact committee at International Institute of New England.

Advocated with the Deputy Commissioner of Education, the Executive Director of NH Superintendents Board, and the Manchester School District Superintendent for the adequate education of the ELL (English Language Learner) students resettled refugees in NH.

Educated numerous students and teachers on West African culture in different Schools such as: John Stark High School NH, Goffstown High School NH, The Well, Peterborough NH, and the Hillsboro Town library cultural program.

Introduced and donated used recycled computers to 10 low income families to empower their children.

Provided and developed community fundraising for youth activities; organized and participated in youth afterschool activities for middle school and the teen center.

Activities 2009

posted May 1, 2012, 10:16 AM by Aspir International   [ updated Nov 4, 2012, 9:10 PM ]

Initiated a monthly meeting at Concord High School to improve the ELL students’ education, and advocated for a mental a health support and comprehensive policy.

Advocated and provided care management to the African High School at-risk youth who are homeless or abused and failed by the judicial, the school, and the human service systems.

Planned and organized the


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Aspir sent Jordan Smith to the NH Senate to promote her talent.

YOUTH INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN A BIKE RACE, MUSIC AND ART FESTIVAL ARE INVITED TO REGISTER AT THE WHIPPLE FREE LIBRARY Tel: 487.3391. Or Download the registration form below and e-mail the completed form to


  • MUSIC, DANCE, ART EXHIBIT, AND COMEDY PARTICIPANTS (INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP).Sound system is provided by organizer. Bring your own music or the music/demo instruments with which you will perform.
    AGES: 8 TO 22

    AGES: 4 TO 17
    5 CATEGORIES: AGE 4-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, and 16-17



  • 500 participants expected - 60 volunteers
  • 2000 plus families and friends to encourage their kids.
  • Volunteer judges will be needed in music and art!!! Please contact Noel Sagna if interested.



It was a perfect day for a festival. The program started at 3pm as planned. Noel Sagna, Aspir Executive Director, welcomed the audience and wished all the participants good luck before introducing the district Representative, Linda Foster for remarks. The National Anthem, sung by New Boston’s own star Jordan Smith, kicked off the bike race. The festival boasted 10 bands that were eager to rock and an honorable guest from Vermont, Jason Graves the Banjo Man.  The crowd enjoyed the music until 10 pm. The lucky raffle winner of a brand new mountain bike worth of $1,200 was our own Representative Linda Foster.   The festival was a success due to the participation of the community and volunteers. If you want to get involved for next festival 2010 during summer contact or call 487 2024.

A Wicked Awesome Thank you to our generous sponsors and donors, and others who went above and beyond

List of winner and Prizes


4 - 6 

1st  Ryan Kennedy, Gold medal

2nd Reid Daniels, Silver medal

3rd Liam Sagna, Bronze medal

7 - 9

 1st Sean Leahy, Gold medal 

2nd Samuel Kennedy, Silver medal

3rd William Kennedy, Bronze medal


1st Sloane French, Gold medal 

10 - 12

1st Drew Willard, Gold medal 

2nd Patrick Leahy, Silver medal

3rd Lucas Henry, Bronze medal


1st Charles Wilson, Gold medal 

2nd Sam Bellemore, Silver medal

3rd Quintin Morrissey, Bronze medal


 1st  place Nate Veilleux (17 year):  $100 

2nd place Stephen Lavallee (15 year):  $75

3rd place Shaughnessy Benoit (12 year):  $25

3rd place Tiernan Benoit (10 year):  $25


1 st place Compost Heap Band:  $200 + trophy

2nd  place Deceiving Judgement Band:  $125 + trophy

3rd  place Sonance:  $75 + trophy

1st Singing: Jordan Smith $30 + trophy 

1st Violon: Josh Teed $50 + trophy 

RAFFLE Winners

 Mountain Bike 15” ($1,200) :  Representative Linda Foster

Bike 10” ($200) :  Christine Churchill

1 Night Hotel Radisson Manchester:  Robert Dever

$50 Gift Certificate Damian’s Restaurant :  Quintin Morrissey

18 Holes Gift Certificate for 2 Crotched Mountain Golf Club: Mike Brendle

$25 Gift certificate from Danielsons New Boston:  Sam Bellemore

$10 Gift certificate New Boston Pizza : Molly Shellenberger

$10 Gift certificate New Boston Pizza :  Sam Bellemore

$10 Gift certificate New Boston Pizza:  Bill Momsso

$10 Gift certificate New Boston Pizza:  Holly Preble

$10 Gift certificate New Boston Pizza:  Christine Churchill

$10 Gift certificate New Boston Pizza:  Anie Henry

$10 Gift certificate New Boston Pizza:  Gary Benoit

$10 Gift certificate New Boston Pizza:  Sam Bellemore


If we inadvertently failed to acknowledge you, we sincerely apologize for our error and hope that you know that your effort was not overlooked and was truly appreciated.












































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New Boston Dental Care, Pllc

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Geoff Kartz

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Goffstown Police Association

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