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Activities 2000 - 2002

posted May 13, 2012, 12:38 PM by Aspir International

Due to the December 6, 2000 attack, and continued fighting in early 2001 in Gueckedou, Guinea, many ASPIR volunteers fled back to Sierra Leone.  As a result,  ASPIR was introduced by returned ASPIR volunteers residing in Lumpah Camp in the Waterloo district of Sierra Leone.  On funds and resources provided by ASPIR the director and program manager and with the volunteer work of 10 members, activities began in October 2002 and were phased out by August 2002 due to the resettlement of camp residents.  During this time period ASPIR engaged Lumpah Camp, Grafton, Hastings, Waterloo Camp, Tombo Village, Benguimah village (Samuel Town), Waterloo Town, Lumpah Town, Newton Village, and the quarters of Brooksfields, Kingtom and Lumley in sport and cultural activities promoting reconciliation, reintegration, and a renewed sense of community.  When the Lumpah Camp population was relocated ASPIR began to concentrate its efforts on the areas of Kailahun town, Koidu, town, and Makeni towns.  These areas were chosen since the majority of ASPIR members originate and have resettled in these areas.  Also, the remaining Sierra Leonean refugee population from the Kissidougou Refugee Camps is also predominately from these areas and thus know and have confidence in the ASPIR program.     

Currently in Sierra  Leone, ASPIR volunteers organize and implement psycho-social activities in Koidu town, Kailahun town and Makeni town. 

Assessed the refugees situation in Casamance, Senegal West Africa.