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Activities 2004

posted May 13, 2012, 12:41 PM by Aspir International

In 2004 the ASPIR program in Sierra Leone signed a contract with the National HIV/AIDS Secretariat of Sierra Leone to implement a Reproductive Health Literacy program.  The program is an adult literacy course for men and women aged 15 to 55 that improves literacy skills through reproductive health curriculum.  The reproductive health curriculum was revised by ASPIR to specifically focus on HIV/AIDS information.  The course will be implemented in Koidu town in the Kono district of Sierra Leone as soon as NAS releases the funds.   

In addition, ASPIR was awarded Food for Work by the World Food Program for volunteer workers to clear brush for playing fields.  ASPIR’s playing fields are located next to the Community Center constructed by ASPIR.

ASPIR has also spent 2004 identifying a shipping company willing to ship to Sierra Leone the 3,000 pairs of NIKE athletic shoes donated to ASPIR.  In 2005 the shoes still have not been shipped due to valid concerns about Sierra Leonean customs being unable to ensure that all the shoes are delivered to their rightful beneficiaries.  ASPIR is thus investigating options of donating the shoes to relocated refugee and state national beneficiaries with in New Hampshire.