Our History

ASPIR was founded in 1998 in Gueckedou, Guinea, through the initiative and organizational and financial support of F. Noel Sagna. Volunteering with Mr. Sagna was a group of Sierra Leonean and Liberian refugees and Guinean nationals with the mission of assisting traumatized refugees residing in refugee camps and the town of Gueckedou. In reaction to the lack of community unity with in the camps and increased gender violence, human rights abuses, and delinquent activities, ASPIR proposed to:
  • Establish playgrounds and organize/reorganize sport, culture and musical groups in targeted refugee camps.
  • Work with communities to foster community development based on unity, peace and reconciliation.
  • Counsel traumatized adults and youth through cultural and musical activities, along with sporting events that emphasize peace, love unity and prosperity for all.
While the playgrounds were not realized due to lack of funds and the attacks on the Gueckedou region in 2000, ASPIR successfully organized and financed 17 sport and cultural programs for the refugee and host populations residing in Gueckedou town and in neighboring refugee camps.

F. Noel Sagna (Founder) & Kary Jencks  

Donation to Sports Event by Pakistani Peace Keepers

The support ASPIR has been receiving since 1988 from guinean and Sierra Leonean authorities, refugee camp authorities, youth groups, refugee organizations, United Nation agencies and NGO's along with the support from the American Embassy/Guinea and Unites States schools and their communities, has so far resulted in the construction of five community activity centers and playing fields.

Daddy Cool at ASPIR sponsored concert

Four of the centers and playing fields accommodate numerous sport and cultural activities and competitions within and between the refugee camps and Guinean communities in Gueckedou and Kissidougou regions.

Kountaya Trade Fair 2002

With in the past three years ASPIR initiated, organized, and financed over 50 sport, recreational and cultural events including concerts by the well known and celebrated artist Daddy Cool in both Guinea and Sierra Leone. ASPIR provided technical assistance to several NGO events and workshops for organizations such as the Red Cross, Save the Children, BMZ and IRC. During this time ASPIR also  succeeded, with support from United Nations agencies, UNHCR and UNICEF, as well as the International NGO Catholic Relief Services (CRS), to organize more than 25 recreational activities and cultural events as well as three CPR training programs.